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We would like to be totally transparent with you about the composition of our products, from recovery to transformation to the finished product: here is the manufacturing process of our straws. 
process upcycle

Sugar cane fiber

The waste from sugar cane or rum factories is collected by our manufacturers to give them a second life. Otherwise they are burned.

Transformation Process

The bagasse, thanks to a natural biotransformation process, is revalued as a raw material serving as the basis for our product. Bagasse represents ¾ of the mass.


Our straws are OK Home Compost certified, they disappear in a few weeks in your composter.


Les Nouvelles Pailles markets straws that we qualify as ecological, combining many benefits.
First of all, they are home compost (OK Compost Home certification), thus reducing their impact on the environment to zero after use (100% biodegradable).

Then, they are made from bagasse which is the residue of sugar cane after extraction of the juices, therefore a waste. Normally, this bagasse is mainly used as fuel, also by this new outlet, we allow to really revalorize this waste in a logic of circular economy. We therefore use agricultural waste, which is a renewable resource.


In addition, our straws do not contain any petro-sourced products, so animals can ingest them without risk to their health.

Finally, our straws are now reusable, in fact, their composition allows them to resist water and heat, so they are easy to clean (in the dishwasher) to be reused many times.

Our straws have been tested according to the NF EN 12875-1 standard for 30 washing cycles without any deterioration in their functionality.

Our straws are made from a material subject to a natural treatment of bagasse which represents approximately two thirds of their mass and to which is added (< 40% of the mass) mineral and vegetable matter, as well as a natural lubricant.

This formula developed in the laboratories of our industrial partner, and exclusively for “Les Nouvelles Pailles”, provides the properties required for an application in extrusion (technology derived from the plastics industry), both mechanically and in terms of environmental aspects.

Many months of research were needed to obtain this main material, thanks to a natural process of fermentation in situ.

It is in this particular, natural technique of bagasse reprocessing that lies the whole secret and value of our straws.