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Plastic straws are so “2020”. Welcome to the ecological future that begins with your consumption of cocktails or soft drinks very fresh, on a sunny terrace (humm it makes you want…).
• For this, we present LES NOUVELLES PAILLES. Our fiber sugarcane straws are made from 100% natural and renewable resources: bagasse. To find out what it is, go to the composition section.

• They do not contain toxic products, plastic waste or PLA, for the greatest pleasure of our soils, our beaches and our oceans.

• They are biodegradable and you can compost them at home. Once decomposed in the natural environment, they become a nutrient for our ecosystem.

The philosophy of Les nouvelles pailles

The story

Pierre, experienced commercial on the AFH circuit for 4 years, father for 2 years.

“I’ve been listening to professionals in cafés, hotels and restaurants for years asking for a quality alternative to plastic straws. A product that does not alter the taste of the drink, that does not decompose inside the cups and without being too expensive … Today I am happy to propose it ! “





Our mission: to offer you a responsible consumption with our 100% biodegradable and compostable straws.
We favour a closed circuit, from the recovery of bagasse (sugarcane residue) to its transformation into straw and then its decomposition, our product is 100% ecological.


Elected Grand Prix du Jury des Snacking d’Or 2022

Our sugar cane fiber straws are made from natural and renewable resources. Do not contain any toxic product or PLA plastic residue. Once decomposed in the natural environment, our straws become a nourishing substance for our ecosystem.



Our straws can be used in both cold and hot drinks, have a heat resistance of -20° C to + 90° C and do not decompose in your glass. No impact on the planet and no impact on the taste of your drink thanks to its 100% neutral flavor.

Convinced of having found the new straws, our ambition is to become the first alternative to plastic straws in Europe by 2022.


What if you embark on the adventure with us?

Use our biodegradable straws, the planet and the oceans will thank us!