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Welcome to an eco-responsible world, with our ecological straws, when you sip your cocktails or sodas on a sunny terrace…

  • For this, LES NOUVELLES PAILLES presents straws made from a biomaterial (biosourced) from sugar cane; a renewable resource. To find out what it is, go to the composition section.
  • They do not contain any toxic product, nor the old plastics like PLA, PHA, PVC, PE etc; for the greatest pleasure of our grounds and the animals.
  • They are 100% biodegradable. Our straws are certified OK Compost Home, guaranteeing their ability to be composted at home without residue. Be careful, this should not encourage you to leave them in the wild!
  • They are also reusable, you can put them in the dishwasher many times to multiply your tasting moments; our straws have been tested according to the NF EN 12875-1 standard during 30 washing cycles without any deterioration of their functionality.

In short, responsible straws.

The philosophy of Les nouvelles pailles

The story

Les Nouvelles Pailles is now two years old, two years working for your satisfaction at the lowest cost for the environment.

The success of our ecological straws has led us to rethink our entire operation. Also, since November 2022, our straws are made in France : this will reduce their impact but also create jobs. We are also thinking about a collection system for used straws to recycle the material.

In addition, we are working with research centers on new formulas based on agricultural waste, which should be increasingly environmentally friendly. They will allow us to expand our product line to satisfy you even more and bring new features to our products (such as the fact that they are now reusable).

Pierre, Co-founder and Partner Les Nouvelles Pailles.

“I’ve been listening to professionals in cafés, hotels and restaurants for years asking for a quality alternative to plastic straws. A product that does not alter the taste of the drink, that does not decompose inside the cups and without being too expensive … Today I am happy to propose it ! “

jean-philippe, associé

Jean-Philippe, Partner The New Straws

“Our society and consumers increasingly expect quality products that respect the environment; it is up to us industrialists to know how to meet this demand. Day after day we are improving our practices, our sourcing and processes to make our products ever more virtuous, I would even say responsible ! »



Our mission: to offer you responsible consumption with our reusable and compostable straws. Our straws are biosourced and now to reduce their carbon footprint we manufacture them in France.

Elected Grand Prix du Jury des Snacking d’Or 2022

Our straws combine qualities from an environmental point of view: compostable, eco-designed, biosourced and reusable; as well as in terms of customer experience with an absence of taste, good heat resistance and absolute resistance to water. Thus they have been multi-awarded with in particular the grand prize of the Snacking d’Or 2022 jury.


Our straws, which are reusable, can be used in both cold and hot drinks, they have a heat resistance of -20°C to +90°C and will not break down in your glass. No impact on the taste of your drink thanks to its 100% neutral taste.

ESAT - réinsertion personne en situation de handicap


We are proud to contribute to the reintegration of people with disabilities. Indeed, our straws are boxed via an ESAT, with whom we have been working hand in hand since November 2022. Thanks to them!

Convinced of having found the new straws, our ambition is to become the first alternative to paper straws.


What if you embark on the adventure with us?

Use our compostable straws, the planet and the oceans will thank us!